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VFA Data Bridge Integration and Member Expiry Date Project - Expression of interest


Democrats Abroad is the overseas branch of the US Democratic Party.

You may read our mission statement at

One of our services is providing the capability for American citizens overseas to register to vote in US elections. We do this through our Vote from Abroad web site,

Democrats Abroad is currently moving from a custom CiviCRM/Drupal CRM/CMS combo to NationBuilder.  

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from parties capable of developing and customizing 2 NationBuilder API development projects:

1. Create a membership data bridge between our external voter registration site ( and our NationBuilder membership database. Every hour, the voter registration site pushes all registrations as csv file to a Secure FTP box.  Your solution will:


  • check the FTP box every hour to see if new entries have been added

  • filter the new records based on opt in preferences from the csv file

  • process records to account for Membership updates and prevent record duplication

  • confirm correct mapping of membership data fields, dates, country codes, and phone number format

  • apply appropriate member data and import tags

  • Use the Nationbuilder People API to update existing members or add new members.


Current bridge code is written in Python, with XMLRPC used for import into CiviCRM membership database.  Familiarity with CiviCRM would be an advantage in creating import routine for NationBuilder.

2. Automatically update a custom field and membership expiry date based on member contact. When any member is contacted, NationBuilder sends a webhook of the contact details. Your solution will:


  • listen for the webhook

  • filter for only specific types of contact

  • use the NationBuilder membership and people APIs to:

    • update a membership expiry date to 4 years from the current date

    • replace a custom field with the current timestamp (number format as dates are not a valid custom field format in NB)


Please send all responses with phone and e-mail and any further questions you might have to .

Thank you,

Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis.   Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to respond to the RFP.

Principals only. No agents.


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